New Year’s Day is a day where people do one of three things: nurse their hangovers and remain unproductive, get up early to begin the 365 days of resolutions or fall somewhere in the middle.

Matt and I stayed up till well past 1 a.m. the night before. I had a few sips of champaign and most of the night was spent practicing photography. Then my entire day was spent trying to learn how to edit said photos. Night photography is a bit more difficult that I had imagined but I did enjoy learning more about it. I also realize I have a million and one more things to learn.

I made a board filled with the dreams for 2017 and a board of actual resolutions. I stuck with the rule of no more than three resolutions; it keeps it more achievable.

  1. Make time to practice my photography, film more for YouTube, and work on my blog. This is so that I may continue to build my creative outlet.
  2. Save Money, learn more skills to create a better budget and learn to plan for the future. I want to know how to save money and invest. I am entirely clueless when it comes to real finances.
  3. Spend more time with Matt, my family and friends outdoors doing fun things. Looking back at last year, I only went to the beach a handful of times last year. Living in Florida that is truly unacceptable. I need to prioritize myself and make time for fun not only work.

Three of my dreams for this year:

  1. Finish my kitchen
  2. Get a iMac – this will help with heavier programs for my youtube videos.
  3. Get a real living room set.

Now I know I won’t get all of these in one year but when I create a dream board that clearly list my goals it keeps reminding me what I want to achieve and why I work so hard.

With that said what are your goals and what are your dreams? Add a comment down below, let’s hold each other accountable and help each other achieve them as a team.

Until next time, I will leave you with a few shots from New Years Eve.




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