Out west and back… to blogging!

So it’s been over a month since my last post. Saying my computer was dying is truly a valid excuse, however, I could have made time to go to the library, but I didn’t. Truth is, life got busy and my focus and priorities changed.

I was planning a trip to Colorado and trying to work a bit harder and save my money. That came crashing down two days before our trip out west. My laptop wouldn’t start at all. It probably happened before that but I didn’t need to turn on my laptop until that day — when we went to check our flights, do a little bit of last-minute planning and check my SD cards.

The night before our trip, I found myself sitting in Best Buy looking at all the versions of MacBooks and what I could reasonably afford. Turns out none of them. I was disappointed to learn that hard drives were drastically reduced to nothing and they want everything on the Cloud. I needed something that has enough power to run my PhotoShop and also my video editing software when I get time to film again (which I am hoping will be soon). I am still working on that New Year’s resolution to make time for myself.

This past weekend was the start to find time for myself. Matt and I flew to Colorado and spent the weekend snowboarding, hiking and just enjoying the time we had together. If you didn’t know already, Colorado is my all-time favorite state. I was blessed in college to spend two weeks out there with a close friend. Sadly, that trip ended in us fighting and we never spoke again. I revisited a few places he and I had gone and thought fondly of those memories. I missed him, I wish him well and wish pride hadn’t gotten in the way.

I will post more on the trip later this week, once I have a chance to look at the photos and wrap my mind around being home and returning to household chores. I just wanted to pop in and say sorry for being MIA for so long. I will also update you on my February favorites as soon as I can sit down after all of this whirlwind of a vacation and narrow down my choices.

Until then, just know I have missed blogging and I have a working laptop and will be posting more often. This time it wasn’t an “eh, I’m bored,” and I am truly trying to make this a space where I can go to share the journey of my life.

Just help me by holding me accountable, friends.


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