A new Journey

When people make New Year’s resolutions they usually don’t blog about their progress or failures along the way. Well these last few weeks I decided I really want to focus on my photography to eventually be good enough to turn it into a business.

I know people usually begin following their dreams in their twenties, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I just knew after graduation I needed to work anywhere doing anything to pay student loans and bills. I was miserable at it and there wasn’t much hiring so it was three part time jobs.

My grandfather got sick — there is another blog on another site out there already about that. Perhaps I will import it here someday, for now though I prefer not to go down that memory. After he passed away, I left Georgia and moved to Florida. Hence the name Wild Georgia Peach. I am now growing and learning who I am in Florida.

Once in Florida, I went to a job placement agency looking for a job. I was placed in Disney, eventually I got a full time job at Disney. After many years my heart wasn’t in it any longer. This past summer I got a new job at an environmental engineering firm. While I am enjoying the work my mind wandered far more than when I was younger and not to being tired and wanting to go back to bed but at how beautiful the light is or what an interesting photo that would make. How perfect the wether is outside. That my commute takes too long and an hour there and back is two hours of my day wasted.

Thats when I began to realize I don’t want to sit behind a desk forever. I want to become my own boss. I tried that once with Scentsy and while I loved the product my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t want to sell something I didn’t make.

With my own photography business, it will be my own logo, my own brand. Most of all this will be my own work to live or die by.

Now the hard part, where to learn the skills. Where to learn how to read what my camera is telling me? How to figure out what lighting is the right settings? How to actually be good at photography?

I took a night class at the local library and felt very out of my element and it felt great. I want to learn everything I can. I can’t wait util the next time I can go back and learn more. Before then though I want to take hundreds of photos and apply the few things I have just begun to understand.

The thing I am most nervous about is photographing people. I need to learn how to pose them. How to capture all their beautiful features. I need to find friends willing to help that don’t care if they waste three hours on a Sunday afternoon and may only have two photos out of 200 that are good. That is what makes me nervous — failure to make people happy.

So for any of you reading this that want to help out, leave me links to youtube videos and classes that helped you along the way. I can’t wait to absorb everything photography has to offer.


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