The Monthly Rundown – April Favorites 

Last month was the month of skin care. Well it flows over to April since a week in I was still not allowed to wear any makeup, so this year I was sans makeup on Matt’s birthday.

I was two and a half weeks without makeup and strict on my skin care routine. So, there is no newness in the month of April as far as makeup goes. Once I got past the first three weeks of no makeup I am not sure if it was laziness or a lack of inspiration, but I have not been motivated to get up and put any makeup on my face before work.
In addition, I have not been scheduled at Sephora. My boss was amazing to work with me and let me have time off while I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, then when I could return I had already had prior plans scheduled, so I had a few extra weeks off. I am
honestly looking forward to a more normal routine and schedule, going back to Saturdays at Sephora. It’s a place that creates inspiration and challenges my creativity. Only working for one week in a month at Sephora was killing me. So I hope to have
some makeup in the next monthly rundown.
As far as skin care goes, I am still using the same routine as last month but the herbivore mask I purchased has become a family favorite. After Matt’s birthday weekend, the following weekend we spent three days with family in Daytona. So one night while hanging out on the porch I offered everyone a chance to try the mask. After applying it and letting everyone rinse off their faces it was a unanimous agreement that the mask has a wonderful cooling sensation that smells divine while on your face. And once you rinse it off it leaves your face baby soft and smooth. I won’t lie though, the rinse portion is a bit difficult. The mask turns slimy and doesn’t remove easily but the effort is
worth it.
I also could relax over this last month and finally spend
some evenings at home (who knew that was possible). I purchased a few of the
Sims 4 expansion packs and have enjoyed the mindless clicks of a mouse while I watch
In Addition to the Sims, I got Matt a Nintendo Switch for
his birthday and we have enjoyed countless nights of Zelda. We recently bought Mario Kart and I’m excited about the chance to enjoy a multiplayer game with Matt.
I can’t wait to spend summer nights on the sofa with the warm night air blowing
in the open patio doors, cuddling and competing with my love. In Florida, summer
is a time spent sheltered in the AC or at the beach, otherwise the heat is
unbearable until night fall, and even then, some nights are still just awful.
Another favorite this month is LA Fitness. Matt and I have wanted to join a gym for months and it was just one delay after another getting in the way of getting fit. That is until one family photo made me reorganize my priorities and make joining a gym on April 17 the No. 1 priority.
As I said before, the summer is an awful time to be outside so trying
to get in shape in the neighborhood is just not a possibility. I am happy with
the class schedules. they have offered as well as the locations and the
flexibility to use the gym near work some nights and one near our home on other nights.
I do like a new sunblock. I found a tanning oil/sunblock that
smells fantastic. It’s called Australian Goal SPF 15 spray gel. FullSizeRender.jpg



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