The Monthly Rundown – March

The month of March was all about travel and skin care.

We went to Colorado and I piled together all my samples for the 5-day trip. Going from Florida — one of the most humid states with subtropical temperatures –to a moderately dry and cold state, I knew my normally oily skin would react differently then how it does a home. So, I looked for anything that would be a good detox mask for the oiliness, but also to combat the recirculated air and junk that is on the plane.

So first up on my monthly rundown is sunblock. In all honestly I knew I would be snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains and snow is just as reflective as any other form of water. Don’t think just because it’s frozen that it’s harmless. I was not interested in having a goggles tan.
Not to mention every day from sun up to sundown would be spent outside in some form or fashion. So, I wanted to keep my winter pail skin safe. I took a few kinds with me and
was hating all of them on my already dry skin. Each sunblock I tried all felt thick and heavy and difficult to get rubbed into my skin. This was imperative so when I took photos it wouldn’t give that ghost refection in photographs.
I knew I couldn’t go without sunblock, but I won’t lie, I wanted to at first.
Then I realized I could mix different face oils into my sunblock while it is
still in the palm of my hand, before applying it to the face. It provided
moisture, it thinned it out making it easier to spread and absorb into my skin
and it didn’t allow for the ghost white effect to be prevalent in my photos. My
mixture for the weekend was Josie Maran Argon Oil and Shiseido
Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF+ 50.  Also, as a side note for all my dry skin girls, you can purchase sunblock in oil form. One that I know a lot of people like is the Supergoop Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 50. I just didn’t want to buy something that I would only use for one weekend and throw out or must give away the rest.

In addition to skin changes because of travel, I also was lucky enough to wake up with a tear duct infection on St. Patty’s day. So I was advised by my ophthalmologists not to wear eye makeup for a minimum of three weeks while using the medicine in order to let my eye heal. So the remainder of the month I went sans makeup all over my face. My view was why bother if I still look tired without any makeup around my eyes. With that in mind, flawless skin became my No. 1 priority. I looked at every item I was using and what I had on standby and found that it was time to change up my routine slightly. I was no longer going to need makeup removing items and switched for more gentle everyday face cleansers. But I wanted my weekly face mask to be doing super duty. I purchased one new herbivore mask and I grabbed a tried-and-true philosophy mask that I know I get results with after just one use.

I must say my new Herbivore mask has impressed me. I always wonder why there isn’t more hype around the Philosophy mask, because it works wonders. It is a two-part mask with the first portion focusing on exfoliation and the second part adding a brightening
serum. When I use this mask I always feel like my skin is smoother and brighter.

With a month of no makeup, I wore a lot of lip-gloss and balms to still give a slight hue to my lips without drawing too much attention. My and my Marc Jacobs Pink were staples in my handbag all month.

For movies, we went and saw King Kong and Beauty and the Beast. I was surprised to say that King Kong was phenomenal. I truly enjoyed the storyline and the different plot twists. With Beauty and the Beast, it was visually stunning but I could have done without the added songs and change in the plot line. I think the original song lineup was just enough. The additional songs were just too much, making the movie too long and not adding that much to the story.

That’s all of my favorites for March. Sorry the list was so short.

The Monthly Run Down March


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