~*Christmas Day*~

Hello All,

Its been over a year that I felt inspired to write. In that year I have had over five jobs, some three at a time. Each have taken a toll on my personal inspirations and goals. This year, before the new year starts I want to get back to doing something for myself.

When I had my last blog I wanted to focus on makeup. I thought that writing about something I was interested in would be amazing. What I didn’t realize was that it limited what I could write. I found myself doing more than just makeup. On my few hours off my different jobs (some of which were at makeup counters), I would feel uninspired to the point that one day I just let the blog go.

So I will not promise a daily or weekly schedule. All I will promise is that I will write, whatever inspires me at that time. What and when my schedule will allow.

Today the discussion of Christmas is what comes to mind…

When you are little, the countdown to Christmas and the joy and possibilities of what Santa could possibly bring you, made the days move as slow as molasses. Now as an adult I think back on the last 25 day of December and what a blur they have been. All the “basic” holiday traditions, and goals I set came and went without half of them being checked off.  I have missed out this year.

I then question my ability to plan, and my priorities – am I failing at this game called adulthood? As an adult I spend 11 hours a day Monday through Friday commuting to and from the office and working long days. In addition, as a product of my last blog I had picked up a second job last year giving up my Saturdays as well. Since then I have had Sundays and have valued them dearly. Sundays were reserved to do house work or spend time with my beau fitting in jam-packed days of errands with a pit stop for fun.

This year is the first year that I really have missed out on some of my favorite holiday traditions. Fall in the mountains, shopping for the perfect holiday gifts, attending a few holiday events, actually feeling a winter nip in the air (although that one I have no control over). This year has been a crazy scramble to the finish line, and using Amazon P  rime as a life line.

Although I felt that all my plans went awry, and my gifts were not as perfect as I would have hoped. As luck would have it the day went over without a hitch. Everyone had a gift, it may not be the one initially intended, but everyone had a gift. Every child woke up happy with gifts under the tree from Santa. Every adult was there to see the joy light up on the faces of the children as they opened the brightly wrapped gifts. It made me realize that its not about the perfect holiday its about the people who love you enough to spend the day with you.

So as I sit back and reflect on the amazing day that I had, I thought why not put it in a blog to be able to re-read my happy moments. Thus this blog was born on the night of Christmas. I also pray that a little Christmas magic will keep me more focused and motivated to continue to post about my blessing, so on my future slips, trips, and falls, I can look back and be reminded of all my life blessings.

I also put it out in the blogosphere for anyone else that may be hard on themselves to remind you that you are a human, not a robot. While we all wish for perfection in our lives it’s not how life actually unfolds. So this is my reminder to you to sit back and enjoy the messy and be thankful for all you do have. Next time something goes wrong, look back and remind yourself of everything you have already done right.

Happy Christmas everyone! May all your wishes have come true today. Leave a comment below of your favorite memory, or thankful moment from today.



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