The monthly run down!

I love reading about or watching everyones monthly favorites. Some are beauty experts and they do all things beauty, some gamers recapping the best games and some mix it up a bit and give you a little bit of everything. I think I want to do this post to look back on and laugh at what I found to be amazing every month through each year.

The year kicked off with a spending freeze. I am on a strict budget. I love gift giving at the holidays a bit too much. I also have a lofty goal to purchase an iMac at some point this year, if I can stay on target that is. It has been extremely difficult. I tend to be an emotional spender, especially when I am bored. I found myself purchasing little things here and there — a necklace I saw for a few bucks on Facebook, a shirt off of the Wish app. So even though it’s small trinkets, it adds up VERY quickly. The other place I need to cut back spending is going out to eat all the time. That one will be a work in progress, TBD on time and schedule. So this month’s run down of LOVEs are going to mostly be falling in love again with things in new ways, or affordable activities I have enjoyed.

So without further adieu, here is what I loved about January.

My new camera has to make the top of the list. In November I purchased a Nikon D5500. That was a HUGE purchase for me. Thanks to wanting to know what every button does, and how to take decent photos, I took a class at the local library for night photography. Looking at my photos compared to everyone else’s is a joke. I have a long way to go, but I am thankful to be pushed and inspired and got to meet some really great people.

That leads me to my next favorite. The Orange County Library — a hidden gem here in Orlando. They offer so many amazing opportunities to learn in a hands-on environment if you’re a local resident. I have took one photography meet up class, an Adobe Illustrator class and four Photoshop classes last month. I was introduced to the web site and app called meet up that helps you find locals with the same passion as you where you can go and share knowledge. I definitely encourage each of you to see what your local library and meet up groups have to offer.

Taken January 10, 2017 on the Orlando Photo Night Walk hosed by the Melrose Center at the Orange County Library in downtown Orlando. Added by Ray K.


Photoshop – yes I bit the bullet and purchased a membership for one year. If I am going to do it I want it to cost enough that I won’t just take it for granted and ignore it.  So far I find it to be an amazing program that can do almost anything you can imagine although right now all I can really do are the absolute basics. I intend to practice all the time.

I own a ton of clothes that are worn, not dingy or threadbare, but they are not bright, shiny and new. I know at one point they were the best thing on the outlet sale racks but now they are just “meh,” so I have re-fallen in love with Pinterest. I use the ideas of all the outfits people create and begin digging into my closet for my own similar items to make “new” cute outfits. It’s actually funny how much I forgot I owned. Let me know if a look book is of interest.

I got an Amazon Echo for Christmas and I am loving the opportunity to discover new music. It’s so amazing to play music as you clean or relax and read. It’s also wonderful to scream SNOOZE in the morning as she is now my alarm clock. If you have one let me know what some of your favorite tricks are with it.

As far as new makeup and beauty products go, I didn’t buy any breakout products in January. I think I overwhelmed myself this past year purchasing anything I really wanted. I actually built in a makeup budget from my side hustle. By mid-fall I was slowing down on makeup purchases and by December there wasn’t anything that I had to have it. My past few purchases were very skin care focused. I can say I purchased IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Makeup. I have never loved a makeup remover as much as this one. It gently removes the most stubborn makeup without feeling like I had to rub my skin raw.

Let me know what you loved in the month of February. Tell me about your new gifts from the holidays. Let me live vicariously through you, as I am on a spending freeze. Or share some fun free or inexpensive activities that you love. I personally am looking forward to a movie night under the stars at Leu Gardens on Friday.


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